Cytometry data

1.5 mL of total seawater was fixed with a mix of 1% PFA and 0.25 glutaraldehyde and immediately flashfrozen. Samples were then processed by Dominique Marie and Sarah Romac following the procedure published by Marie et al. 1999. Click on the eppendorf for full details.

30 samples analysed so far.

Sampling session Sample ID Synechococcus (count/mL) Picoeukaryotes (count/mL) Nanoeukaryotes (count/mL) Cryptophytes (count/mL) Bacteria (count/mL)
Naples 2009 NB071 2.02E+04 1.79E+02 2.45E+03 1.89E+02 1.46E+06
Naples 2009 NB072 2.01E+04 1.79E+02 2.62E+03 2.65E+02 1.68E+06
Naples 2009 NB074 2.06E+04 3.78E+02 1.64E+03 8.67E+01 1.01E+06
Naples 2009 NB075 1.96E+04 4.29E+02 1.65E+03 2.55E+01 8.02E+05
Oslo 2009 OF177 3.79E+04 5.25E+03 3.74E+03 2.40E+02 1.74E+06
Oslo 2009 OF178 3.79E+04 5.34E+03 4.75E+03 3.32E+02 1.84E+06
Oslo 2009 OF179 5.10E+04 6.31E+03 2.74E+03 2.40E+02 1.70E+06
Oslo 2009 OF180 4.93E+04 6.18E+03 2.63E+03 2.65E+02 1.63E+06
Oslo 2010 2OF295 3.75E+04 1.29E+04 5.20E+03 4.34E+02 9.98E+05
Oslo 2010 2OF296 3.84E+04 1.29E+04 4.80E+03 5.26E+02 9.54E+05
Oslo 2010 2OF298 1.81E+04 7.55E+03 5.72E+03 4.39E+02 1.08E+06
Oslo 2010 2OF299 1.81E+04 7.52E+03 5.80E+03 4.18E+02 1.01E+06
Naples 2010 2NB182 1.38E+04 1.21E+03 4.23E+03 4.08E+01 1.28E+06
Naples 2010 2NB183 2.82E+04 4.95E+02 1.81E+03 9.69E+01 8.54E+05
Naples 2010 2NB184 1.32E+04 1.28E+03 2.68E+03 1.53E+01 1.03E+06
Naples 2010 2NB185 3.02E+04 1.79E+02 1.12E+03 8.16E+01 7.90E+05
Blanes 2010 BCN143 5.19E+03 5.99E+03 3.13E+03 1.02E+02 3.51E+05
Blanes 2010 BCN144 5.11E+03 6.21E+03 3.10E+03 9.18E+01 3.12E+05
Gijon 2010 GJ023 3.41E+04 1.04E+03 1.99E+03 0.00E+00 1.10E+06
Gijon 2010 GJ024 3.32E+04 1.00E+03 1.95E+03 1.02E+01 1.05E+06
Gijon 2010 GJ078 6.90E+04 4.02E+03 2.06E+03 2.04E+01 1.14E+06
Gijon 2010 GJ079 6.79E+04 4.15E+03 2.03E+03 2.04E+01 1.34E+06
Roscoff 2010 RA245 9.64E+02 7.07E+03 1.07E+03 7.65E+01 3.73E+05
Roscoff 2010 RA246 9.95E+02 7.26E+03 1.08E+03 1.02E+02 3.95E+05
Varna 2010 VA001 1.29E+04 4.59E+02 3.38E+03 5.10E+01 7.44E+05
Varna 2010 VA002 1.29E+04 6.43E+02 3.24E+03 4.08E+01 9.54E+05
Varna 2010 VA004 5.78E+04 8.51E+03 7.96E+02 7.14E+01 5.58E+05
Varna 2010 VA005 6.11E+04 9.03E+03 6.38E+02 5.10E+01 9.51E+05
Varna 2010 VA007 1.38E+02 0.00E+00 1.53E+01 1.02E+01 2.83E+05
Varna 2010 VA008 1.02E+02 0.00E+00 1.53E+01 1.02E+01 2.29E+05