Partner 7 - University of Oslo - Achievements

Partner 7 - Drs. Bente Edvardsen & Wenche Eikrem and team; University of Oslo, Norway.  

P7 organized two BioMarKs sampling events in the Outer Oslofjord on board the R/V Trygve Braarud in September 2009 and June 2010. In addition, P7 main scientific achievements are:

  • Isolation of >50 mono-algal protistan strains from Oslofjorden and Varna, Black Sea, now deposited at the Roscoff - RCC- and UiO culture collections. Strains of most species were genetically and morphologically characterized.
  • Revision of the phylogenetic and taxonomic frameworks within the Haptophyta and Cercozoa super-groups.
  • Development of various molecular ecology and bioinformatics protocols and tools for automated recognition and quantification of haptophyte taxa based on NGS data. This included design of haptophyte specific primers and PCR protocols, haptophyte SSU rDNA reference database for taxonomic assignation and phylogeny, tests of DNA versus RNA-based survey and various bioinformatics pipelines for optimal assessment of species richness and abundance.
  • Assessment of the diversity of haptophytes in the outer Oslofjord using BioMarKs NGS sequencing and electron microscopy. This revealed a number of novel deep-branching lineages, novel species and species not previously recorded in the area.
  • Description of the seasonal variation patterns of haptophyte and other protist biodiversity in Outer Oslofjorden, based on NGS data. Multivariate analyses for comparison to abiotic contextual data (temperature, salinity, stratification, light, nutrients, chlorophyll).
  • Design and use of haptophyte-specific primers to target the BioMarKs RNA samples from 6 EU localities. Analyses of sequence data to unveil spatial distribution patterns of haptophytes is underway.